Welcome to my website!

This is my new website, where I'm going to permanently reunite all my creations and/or links to them, everything in the same place and as easy to find and understand as possible.

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Changes to the login button - 07/11/2018

I noticed that when someone clicks the login button, chances are they did so because the page they were in required to be logged in to do something. For that reason I changed the behaviour of this button. From now on, instead of going to your configuration, it will bring you back to the page you were before. You can still access your configuration clicking on the button with your name, obviously.

To see older news, you can go to their own page.

Why did I move to this website?

I've had my old website, Demirramon.es.tl, for some years now. It was one of these websites you could make with the typical website editor almost any host gives you nowadays. When I learnt the basics of HTML I improved it a little bit, but there wasn't freedom to do much (but, anyways, I didn't know how to do much more).

Some time later, I was searching a good host for a website of a friend of mine. It turned out I misunderstood and he already had a host, but I found 000webhost while searching. They offered a lot of cool stuff and let you create a website from scratch, uploading the files by yourself. Also, it had PHP installed and a MySQL database. As I just learned how to use both, I thought, why not?

And like that, I started to code for the first time my own website totally from scratch if we don't count school projects, of course. I'm going to keep updating this website and adding new stuff to do, I have a lot of ideas planned for this.

Everything in my website, from the images to the scripts used, are of my property. If I ever use anything that's not mine, I'll make sure to credit the original authors.